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True or False...?

Winners are Born, Not Made.

In a competitive tennis match, who you REALLY are always shows up. 

Your IDENTITY, who you know yourself to be, always comes out in the big moments.

Tennis allows you to positively build your identity both as a player, and a person.

And When it Comes to WINNING, Your Identity is the Most Powerful Force.

Unfortunately, most people's identities are defined by their circumstances.

They lose a match, so they’re a loser.

Their business failed, so they’re a failure.

With THIS identity, you can try all you like… 

Train as hard and as long as you can, but when push comes to shove, your identity acts like a "glass ceiling", preventing you from achieving your desires.

Then, when you fail… your “failure” IDENTITY gets stronger.

And it repeats like a broken record until the day you die.

“Tried really hard” are the words on your tombstone.

Nasty, isn’t it?

This “failure” identity is clearly not a powerful one, and it doesn't serve you.

But here’s the good news…


Your identity is made up of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors

This means you can CREATE a new identity. One that you actually want.  

And with this new, IDENTITY in place, when push comes to shove, it says to you...

“Go for it buddy, I KNOW you can do this, I believe in you…let's go!”

Sounds like magic, right? And your next logical question might be:

How can this NEW me be trained?

And where?

We have gathered 40+ World Class Experts at The Winning Summit

...each to train you on one word that can make up your New Identity.

A powerful identity of your CHOICE, capable of achieving things you may have never thought imaginable. On court and off.

They’ll train you how to be: resilient, courageous, focused, confident, and much more.

All through tennis.

All you have to do is show up and implement. 

Take action on the training you get to build those exact skills.

And then repeat those actions until you…

Become The Training!

it's not too good to be true… but there IS a catch.

The Winning Summit is only available Feb 26-28

...and then it's gone!

So if you've been watching the Australian Open, with your eyes glued to the screen...

and you wished that could be YOU (At your age, ability level, gender, race, nationality).

Then register below for the Early Bird List and receive a 50% discount when the gates are opened. 

This will be:

Game changing and...

LIFE Changing.

One identity trait ALL champions have, is they take action after they’re given the facts.

Register for The Winning Summit Right Now! (It's Free)

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